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Why Is ELFBAR So Strong? (The Secret Behind)

Why Is ELFBAR So Strong (The Secret Behind)

ELFBAR is a brand that almost every vaper has heard of, and ELFBAR devices are probably what most people picture when they think about disposable vapes.

But as well as being one of the most famous brands, they also have a reputation for their strength, so in this post, we consider the question, why is ELFBAR so strong?

What is ELFBAR?

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Let’s start at the beginning for anyone who’s new to the world of vaping – what exactly is an ELFBAR?

ELFBAR is one of the most famous names in vaping, and the brand is particularly well-known for being one of the pioneers of the world of the now ubiquitous disposable vapes, so much so that ELFBAR has become practically synonymous with disposables.

The brand’s early products were simple single-charge devices that offered around 500 puffs before they were simply discarded and replaced.

However, more recently, the company has started producing rechargeable disposables with up to 15,000 puffs or more – and they have also released an 8,000-puff vape that doesn’t need to be recharged at all.

Furthermore, ELFBAR now also produces a limited range of refillable vapes, although disposables remain the core of the company’s business.

In any case, ELFBAR products remain among the most popular on the market, and almost every vaper is likely to have tried one at some point, even if they don’t regularly vape ELFBAR products.

But why are ELFBARs so strong? Let’s move on to that now.

Why Is ELFBAR So Strong?

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Many people consider ELFBAR vapes to be particularly strong, but before we talk about why this is, we need to clarify exactly what this means – because it could refer to several things.

When we talk about vapes – or cigarettes – being strong, one thing we might be referring to is the nicotine content. If a vape or a cigarette gives you a powerful buzz, you would usually say it’s strong, just the same as a drink with a high alcohol content is also called strong.

However, it could also refer to the flavor. If a vape has a powerful flavor, you would call it strong – just as you would a cigarette with a strong flavor.

Finally, a vape – or a cigarette – might also be considered strong if it gave you a powerful throat hit or was particularly harsh to take a puff on.

When it comes to ELFBAR, all of these characteristics could be considered strong – so let’s consider each in turn and think about whether ELFBAR really is stronger than other brands.

ELFBAR Nicotine

Let’s start with the nicotine content since this is something that’s easy to quantify.

In the US, the maximum permitted amount of nicotine in vapes and other products that contain nicotine is 50mg/ml – or in other words, 5%.

Many vapes contain this maximum amount of nicotine, and many ELFBAR products also contain this amount. However, several ELFBAR products also exist with less nicotine in them – and some exist as a version with the maximum allowed amount and a less strong version.

For example, while the popular Pi7000 contain 50mg/ml of nicotine, the single-charge Crystal contains only 20mg/ml, and the ELFBAR 2000 model is available as a 5mg/ml and 2mh/ml version.

Vapes from other brands also contain comparable amounts of nicotine. An example of this could be the Katana BP10000 from emerging brand Spiritbar, which also contains juice with a nicotine strength of 50mg/ml.

This device provides users with up to 10,000 hits of high-quality, delicious vape juice with enough nicotine to provide a powerful nicotine hit for those trying to wean themselves off cigarettes.

Our Top Pick
SPIRITBAR Katana BP10000

$12.99 (Free Shipping)

  • Mesh Coil
  • Up to 10000 Puffs
  • E-liquid & Power Screen Display
  • 2-6 days delivery

So in short, ELFBAR vapes are no stronger than other vapes in the US in terms of nicotine since ELFBAR and many others contain the maximum permitted amounts of nicotine permitted.

Incidentally, in the EU and UK, the permitted amount of nicotine is less due to local laws there – in the EU or UK, you can’t buy vapes containing juice with over 20mg/ml of nicotine, whichever brand you choose.


When it comes to flavor, ELFBAR has always been a brand that’s known for its wide range of exciting and often creative flavors, something that many other brands have tried to emulate.

For example, the popular BC series is available in options that include Sakura Grape, Strawberry Piña Colada, Carambola Bamboo, Iron Guanyin, Apple Tobacco and many more.

As well as the wide range of flavors, the hardware inside ELFBAR vapes is among the most advanced in the industry.

Many ELFBAR products contain dual cores along with other tech that is designed to maintain flavor intensity with use so the last puffs you take from a device taste almost as strong as the first.

For example, ELFBAR claims the Pi7000 model boasts a flavor consistency of up to 500% more than other vapes, so certainly the flavors are a big selling point when it comes to ELFBAR.

However, we wouldn’t say that ELFBAR flavors are so much stronger than other brands – we would just agree that they’re as good as any others you might find, and whether you prefer these flavors or the flavors from other brands is down to personal preference.

ELFBAR Throat Hit

Finally, there’s the throat hit.

Some ELFBAR products boast a fairly strong throat hit. For example, the dual core on the ELFBAR 2000 gives a strong throat hit that former smokers are likely to appreciate.

For people who are trying to quit smoking, the throat hit is an important aspect of a vape since it mimics the feel of smoking and, along with the nicotine a vape delivers, helps smokers fight the urge to reach for a pack of cigarettes and light up.

The throat hit, the nicotine hit and the fact that vaping gives you something to do with your hands all combine to make vaping a popular method for trying to give up tobacco, and it’s true that ELFBAR delivers in this area.

However, few people enjoy a throat hit that’s too strong – even many people who smoke prefer not to smoke tobacco that’s too harsh on the throat.

This means any brand of vape that has an overly powerful throat hit is unlikely to do well – something that’s patently not true when it comes to ELFBAR.

So do they have a strong throat hit compared to other brands of vapes?

We would say no. They might have a stronger throat hit than some, making them a good choice for people who like to feel it in their throat when they vape – but at the same time, they don’t provide a throat hit that’s going to tear the back of your throat out.

So no, ELFBAR vapes aren’t especially strong in terms of the throat hit – they’re probably just slightly above the average.

Why is ELFBAR so popular?

Our Top Pick
SPIRITBAR Katana BP10000

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  • Up to 10000 Puffs
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So what is it that makes ELFBAR such a popular brand? Well, there are several factors at play.

The first reason is probably simply down to timing.

When ELFBAR products first appeared, the market was dominated by relatively complicated refillable vapes that required a certain amount of maintenance and cleaning to keep them in good working order.

Disposable ELFBAR vapes, though, were something new, allowing casual vapers to buy a cheap vape while on a night out or at any other time, and they won lots of fans with their low price point and extreme ease of use.

Disposables have since taken hold of a large portion of the vape market – and there are now many other brands to choose from, such as Spiritbar, the brand we mentioned earlier.

However, people often tend to stick to what they know, and since ELFBAR was one of the first and most successful disposable brands, people have continued to use them.

Furthermore, they are marketed very well – the flavors are enticing, but the appearance of the devices is important too, attracting many people to give them a go.

Then there’s the perception that they’re strong – which comes from a combination of the nicotine, the flavor and the throat hit.

In real terms, they’re probably no stronger than many other brands, but people feel they provide a good hit all-round, delivering great bang for your buck and ensuring their enduring popularity.

Beware of fake ELFBAR

As a final word, it’s worth mentioning that as one of the most popular brands, ELFBAR is also one of the most counterfeited, so make sure you buy yours from a reputable vendor.

Vaping from counterfeit devices is extremely risky since there’s no quality control, and you will have no idea if any of the ingredients in your vape are toxic.

So if you find yourself vaping an ELFBAR product that feels a lot stronger than anything you’re used to, you’d do well to consider where it came from because it might not be a genuine product.

A popular brand at the stronger end of the scale

So as we’ve seen, although ELFBAR vapes aren’t excessively strong, their combination of maximum nicotine levels, tasty flavors that don’t diminish as you use the vape and the throat hit they deliver has seen them gain a reputation as being one of the stronger vapes available.

Many people see ELFBAR as being good value for money, and they are famous for being one of the brands that made disposables popular. However, there are now many other excellent brands that deliver a similar experience, so ELFBAR is no longer the only name in town.

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