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Real vs. Fake Elf Bar: How To Tell?

Real vs. Fake Elf Bar How To Tell

Elf Bars are a global phenomenon and probably the trendiest disposable vapes on the market, particularly among the young population. Unfortunately, that also means these simply designed devices are popular to counterfeit.

Therefore, the crucial question is – Real vs. fake elf bar: How to Tell? The quickest way to make a difference is to scan the QR code on the packaging and check the security sticker. Besides, there are also several other ways to be sure that your device is original. Let’s check!

Ways to Recognize Original Elf Bars

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Since you want to get the original vape device for your money and avoid false and potentially hazardous products for your health, you should be well informed. There are a few things to check to be sure your Elf Bar is not fake.

1. Packaging design

The first thing to check is Elf Bar packaging. Even though counterfeiters try their best to create packaging that is as similar to the original as possible, you can differentiate fake from genuine devices based on several signs.

Then, you should take a look at the consistency of the design of the original products. Be aware that counterfeiters can’t keep the fake vape quality at the required level because these products need to be cheap.

For instance, the Elf Bar 600 packaging is a laminated box, while the fake products come in standard cardboard. There is also a difference in a manufacturer’s logo size.

Additionally, the boxes for Elf Bars of 20 mg and 50 mg have a logo only on the top. On the other hand, you can spot two (on the top and bottom) on the counterfeit products’ packaging.

2. The vape device

Interestingly, recognizing the real from the fake devices is the hardest by looking at them because their colors and designs almost perfectly match. In other words, it is almost impossible to differentiate them without the packaging.

However, you can quickly spot differences between the two after starting to vape. The counterfeit product provides weak flavors, its battery has a shortened lifespan, and you can expect to face the leaky tank quickly.

The worst of all is that such a device is improperly tested. In other words, you don’t know the level of harmful effects on your health to expect.

3. Barcode

If you know what to look for, the barcode is an excellent sign to help you recognize an original Elf Bar from a fake one. The authentic device box features a single EAN barcode next to the holographic sticker on the side.

The anti-counterfeit sticker design is complicated, with tiny but noticeable details when the packaging and device inside are original. It includes the following features:

  • Anti-counterfeit code
  • Colorless fluorescence
  • Holographic laser security thread
  • Microtext and anti-latent shadow
  • A thin and thick, complex counterfeiting pattern
  • Strategic cuts to prevent stripping with a knife

4. QR code verification

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The QR code is an insurmountable obstacle for counterfeiters. You can quickly confirm that the device you have is original after scanning it with your phone. This step leads you to the Elf Bar verification page on the manufacturer’s website.

Open it and check the verification code unique for each product by entering it. If the vape is genuine, you can expect a message confirming that the security code is correct. There is one more security trick. The same message shows how often this particular vape device has been inquired by that moment.

You should see the number ONE when the Elf Bar is original. Otherwise, you can suspect it is fake because skillful counterfeiters sometimes use the same QR code several times. The device you are looking at is a copy if you see a red WARNING sign on the screen.

Ways to Recognize Fake Elf Bars

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There are several confirmed ways to identify and differentiate a fake Elf Bar from the right one. Let’s see.

1. By packaging

Directly comparing original and fake packaging boxes is the quickest way to know whether the device is what you are looking for. Besides, check the logo size and number, label color, confirm the barcode, and inspect for grammatical and misspelling errors.

2. By a holographic sticker

Elf Bar packaging has a holographic sticker embossed with a company logo or unique pattern. The company uses this security measure to prevent counterfeiting. This sticker is complex, tricky to replicate accurately, and changes appearance when you look at it from different angles.

The device is fake when this security feature is missing. It can also be misaligned, imperfectly secured at the seams, or deviate from the standard appearance. It is the same with the sticker that looks the same when viewed from various angles.

3. By LED light

The LED light at the original device is steadily on when the vape is in use and blinks when the battery is low. Any deviation indicates a fake device.

4. By the charging port

Regulated disposable ELF Bar vapes approved by TPD never come with a charging port. Those with this feature are likely to be unregulated or fake.

5. By a product (QR) code

Authentic Elf Bar vape devices always come with a unique QR code printed on the packaging or the device in some cases.

You can quickly check whether your device is original by confirming the code validity on the official Elf Bar website. Counterfeit devices always have missing, illegible, or duplicated codes that are impossible to confirm.

6. By batch number

Expectedly, each Elf Bar vape device belongs to a specific production batch, so you can expect to see this number printed on the packaging.

Tracing the products without a batch number is impossible, so you have to assume they are fake. Besides, vapes with difficult-to-read or suspicious digits are counterfeit.

7. By paperwork

Authentic products have a thin, thick, complex counterfeiting pattern instead of ordinary dense paper used in fake ones. Besides, particular notes on the packaging are required by law, so those without specific information are definitely fake.

You should expect to see the manufacturer’s name and address, information about the importer, and a note about nicotine as an addictive substance.

8. By expiry date

You can read an Elf Bar expiration date on the packaging, showing its shelf-life. By determining this date, the manufacturer guarantees the best experience within a certain period. The lack of an expiration date and hard-to-read or tampered data indicate that such vape devices are probably counterfeit.

9. By tactile feel

The authentic Elf Ba vape device has a specific, distinct texture. Their surface is smooth because the materials used are of high quality. In contrast, counterfeit products are slippery, overly smooth, or oddly textured. In any case, they are typically made of cheap and low-quality materials.

10. By taste

The Elf Bar flavor is recognizable, so you can be sure that the device is fake if you feel off-note, artificial, and unpleasant taste.

11. By smell

Any foul, acrid, or bitter odor reminding burnt plastic indicates a counterfeit vape device. It is a result of an improperly vaporized E-liquid or overheating coil that burns plastic pieces.

12. By sound

Original Elf Bar makes a barely perceptible bubbling sound while in use. Be prepared that the fake device often produces a loud buzzing noise after turning it on. It usually warns you of loose wiring, swelling battery, malfunctioned coil, or broken intake sensor.

13. By weight

If you know that the Elf Bar 600 device is light and weighs a standard 0.98767 ounces (28 g), you can effortlessly recognize that it is a fake product by measuring it. False pieces vary in weight, depending on the used components.

14. By liquid level

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New Elf Bar vape devices are full of E-liquid. Otherwise, the product is likely fake. It is the same with devices filled with discolored or cloudy juice, so be careful.

15. By airflow

The Elf Bar vape devices come with consistent airflow and stay steady throughout the entire lifetime. On the other hand, fake pieces often have an issue with increasing or decreasing airflow over time, resulting in poor vapor production.

16. By price

The too-good-to-be-true price is a sure sign you have a fake device in front of your eyes. Counterfeit Elf Bars are cheap to attract buyers, but such low-price pieces are often expensive in the long run.

17. By reviews

Always check third-party review sites and customers’ comments on the dealer website before buying a new Elf Bar. These feedbacks are a proven way to estimate product quality and identify fake ones.

Genuine seller websites are full of predominantly positive reviews, plus customer services regularly respond to questions and reply promptly to possible objections. Those who sell counterfeit vape devices have negative reviews full of complaints about poor device quality and unkind, non-helpful customer service.

18. By merchant

Buying fake vape devices in supermarkets and well-known shops is less possible than in small, unknown stores. Even though it is unfair to generalize, you should be careful with unknown dealers.


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The only way to get a tested and safe Elf Bar of proven quality is to buy the original product. Expectedly, there are several proven methods to distinguish the real thing from the counterfeit. So, you should check them to protect your health and always get exactly what you paid for.

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