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Exxus Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

Exxus Vape Overview

Exxus Vape Overview


Founded in California, USA in 2014, Exxus Vape has revolutionized the way people experience vaporizers. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability, Exxus Vape has quickly become a trusted name in the vaping community.

It all began with a small team of vaping enthusiasts who shared a passion for creating high-quality vaporizers. They wanted to develop products that were not only effective and reliable but also stylish and easy to use. This vision led them to launch Exxus Vape, a brand that has since become synonymous with quality and innovation.

They started small, with a handful of products and a dedication to providing excellent customer service. But as word spread about their sleek designs and impressive vapor production, their popularity grew.

Over the years, they’ve introduced a range of products that cater to different needs and preferences, from concentrate vaporizers and oil cartridge vapes to portable and dry herb vapes. They’ve also used the latest technology and materials to ensure that their products are safe, efficient, and long-lasting.

Their commitment to affordability, as well as quality, has helped Exxus Vape build a loyal following of vapers who appreciate the quality, performance, and value of their products.

Today, Exxus Vape continues to innovate and evolve, with a focus on providing the best possible vaping experience for its customers. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting, you can trust Exxus Vape to deliver products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

They continue to provide excellent customer service and support, ensuring that their customers always have access to the latest technology and innovations.

Exxus Vape remains at the forefront of the vaping business, continually pushing the limits and aiming for greatness. Moreover, with their unwavering devotion to quality and elegance, they will undoubtedly be a favorite among vaping fans for many years to come.


Exxus Vape’s headquarters are located at 24331 Muirlands Blvd S 313, Lake Forest, California, 92630, United States.


  1. Exxus Vape is known for producing vaporizers that offer a range of features to enhance the vaping experience. One of the most notable features of Exxus Vape products is their affordability. Unlike many other brands in the vaping industry, Exxus Vape offers high-quality vaporizers at a reasonable price, making vaping accessible to more people.
  2. Exxus Vape places great importance on the aesthetics of its products, ensuring that they not only perform well but also look great. The company believes that vaping is not just about functionality, but also about style and personal expression. Their products feature sleek and modern designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also colors and skins that make you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Another feature that sets Exxus Vape apart is its commitment to innovation. The brand is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with vaporizers, introducing new features and technologies that enhance the vaping experience. For example, the Exxus Snap VV vaporizer features a variable voltage option, allowing users to customize their vaping experience.
  4. Exxus Vape products are also known for their user-friendly interfaces. The brand understands that not everyone is a vaping expert, and they have designed their products to be easy to use for both beginners and experienced vapers. The Exxus Mini vaporizer, for example, features a simple one-button interface that allows users to turn it on and off and adjust the temperature settings.
  5. Exxus Vape products are known for their durability and long-lasting performance. The brand uses high-quality materials to ensure that its vaporizers can withstand regular use and continue to provide excellent performance over time.

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Exxus Vape Price and Series

Exxus VRS Price & Details ($89.99)

New on the market, Nexus VRS stands out from the first moment you see it. The versatility of this device, with three various modes of operation, is what makes it stand out. Dab Rig Mode, Nectar Collector Mode, Cartridge Mode, and a unique Cartridge Rig Mode are among the three options you can try.

The Exxus VRS also has a ceramic atomizer, a 15-second heat-up period, three different voltage settings, and more. It is ideal for both oils and concentrates and provides the most versatility in a single unit out of any vaporizer you will find.

  1. Exxus Vape VRS 3 in 1 Vaporizer – $89.99


Several vaping fans have given the Exxus VRS 3 in 1 vaporizer a thumbs up. Its biggest strength is its adaptability, allowing it to be used with dry herbs, oils, and waxes, making it the ideal vaping companion for those who love variety. Its tiny design is great for on-the-go consumers, allowing for easy use anywhere, without sacrificing performance.

Exxus Minovo Prices & Details ($34.99 – $39.99)

The Exxus Minovo is a compact and portable vaporizer designed for use with oil and wax concentrates. It features a sleek and modern design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with a small size that makes it perfect for vaping on the go.

Another feature of the Exxus Minovo is its powerful heating element, which could provide a smooth and consistent vaping experience, despite its small size. It also features variable voltage functionality, allowing users to customize their vaping experience to their liking.

  1. Exxus Vape Minovo Cartridge Vaporizer – $34.99
  2. Exxus Vape Micare Cartridge Vaporizer – $39.99


Many users have noted that the Exxus Minovo produces smooth and consistent vapor, providing a high-quality vaping experience. The device is also rechargeable and has a long battery life, which has been appreciated by users who do not want to constantly recharge their devices.

Exxus Vape Slim Pens Prices & Details(7.99 – 9.99)

Exxus Vape Slim Pens are a line of sleek and portable vaporizers designed for use with oil and e-liquid concentrates. They are compact and feature a simple, streamlined design that makes them easy to use and carry around.

One of the key features of Exxus Vape Slim Pens is their compatibility with a wide range of cartridges. They come with a universal 510 threading that allows them to be used with most standard cartridges, making them a versatile option for vapers who enjoy trying out different oils and e-liquids.

  1. Exxus Vape Slim Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer – $7.99
  2. Exxus Vape Slim VV Cartridge Vaporizer – $9.99


Customers have praised the Exxus Vape Slim Pens for their portability, ease of use, and versatility. Many appreciate the slim and discreet design of the pens, making them easy to carry around and use in public without drawing attention. The draw-activated function of the pens has also been well-received, as it eliminates the need for buttons and makes the pens even simpler to use.

Exxus Snap Prices & Details ($22.49 –  $39.99)

The Exxus Snap is a line of slim and discreet vape pens designed for use with oil and wax concentrates. They are compact and portable, making them perfect for on-the-go vaping.

The Exxus Snap features a simple and intuitive design, with a buttonless operation that makes them easy to use. They are draw-activated, meaning that users can simply inhale to activate the heating element and start vaping.

The heating element in the Exxus Snap is designed to provide a smooth and consistent vaping experience. It is also efficient, ensuring that users get the most out of their oil and wax concentrates even with a small device.

  1. Exxus Vape Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer- $39.99
  2. Exxus Vape Snap Cartridge Vaporizer – $24.99
  3. Exxus Vape Snap VV Mini Cartridge Vaporizer – $22.49


Overall, the Exxus Snap has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate the portability, ease of use, versatility, and quality of the device. As a result, the pens are a great option for anyone looking for a discreet and portable vape pen for use with oil and wax concentrates.

For a deeper look into the Exxus vaporizers and what you need to know before you get yours, you can check out this video.

Best Exxus Flavors

Even if Exxus Vape does not create e-liquid flavors, they do specialize in crafting high-quality vaporizers and vaporizer accessories. Although they don’t produce flavors, they do design their vaporizers to work with a variety of e-liquids created by other companies. Some of the best flavors that fans love to pair up with their Exxus vapes are:

  1. Blue Raspberry: A blast of juicy and tangy goodness, our Blue Raspberry e-liquid is a must-try for anyone who loves fruity flavors. This delicious e-liquid will take your taste buds on a journey through fields of ripe raspberries, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.
  2. Watermelon: Dive into a sea of sweetness with Watermelon e-liquid for your Exxus. Bursting with the juicy goodness of freshly-picked watermelons, this flavor will transport you to a sunny summer day, as it’s ideal for those who crave a refreshing and satisfying vaping experience.
  3. Pineapple: For those who want to get whisked away to a tropical paradise, Pineapple e-liquid is the way to go. This flavor combines the sweetness of ripe pineapples with a hint of tanginess to create a vaping experience that is both refreshing and satisfying. Perfect if you are craving a touch of the exotic in your vaping routine.
  4. Mango: Indulge in the sweet and succulent flavor of Mango e-liquid. This flavor is bursting with ripe mango charm, giving you a vaping experience that is both satisfying and refreshing.
  5. Strawberry: Strawberry e-liquid is a classic flavor that is the right match for anyone who loves sweet and fruity flavors. This flavor combines the sweet taste of ripe strawberries with a hint of tanginess.
  6. Grape: Experience the sweet and tangy taste of the Exxus grape e-liquid. This flavor is bursting with the juicy goodness of ripe grapes, giving you a vaping experience that is both satisfying and refreshing. Perfect for those who want to add a little bit of sweetness to their vaping routine.

Exxus Vape FAQ

What does the light mean on Exus pen?

A side-mounted LED indicates what voltage the component is currently at. A blue light signifies 2.6V, a green light indicates 3.2V, and a red light indicates 4.0V output. The battery is turned off with a single button press.

How to use an Exxus vape pen? How to turn on the pen?

Various models operate in different ways. This is why it is critical to not only read but also save the instructions for future reference. For example, most of the devices will require you to press the power button 5 times in a row in order for the power to be registered. You will then have to inhale to start savoring the flavors of the vape.

How do I know when my Exxus pen is fully charged?

Charge the device for 2 hours before your first hit using the micro USB charging connector on the battery after opening it. When the gadget is fully charged, the indicator light will change from red to white to show you it’s ready to use.

Why is my EXUS battery blinking?

When you try to use a disposable vape and it starts blinking continuously, the battery is most likely dead. However, many disposable vapes feature puff limiters to prevent overheating, so if your device cuts off and begins blinking during a particularly long inhalation, it merely means that you should take shorter puffs.

Why is my Exus pen blinking white 3 times?

Your vaporizer could be experiencing a battery or connectivity problem. Usually, a light blinking three times on some vape models and brands may indicate that your battery is low or that your vape battery and cartridge aren’t correctly connected.

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