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How to Charge a Hyde Vape? (Rechargeable & Non-Rechargeable)

How to Charge a Hyde Vape

In recent years, the popularity of vaping has exploded, and there is now an almost bewildering range of options to choose from – but while this is great in terms of offering vapers the widest amount of choice, it can make things a little confusing because vapes all function differently.

For example, charging a vape made by one manufacturer might not be the same as charging a vape from another – so to help you understand how to work one of the most popular brands, in this post, we explain how to charge a Hyde vape.

What is a Hyde Vape?

Hyde is a vape manufacturer that focuses on disposable devices.

The company’s Original and Original Plus devices provide users with around 600 puffs and are then supposed to be discarded and replaced. These devices aren’t supposed to be charged since they come with enough charge for the vaper to finish all the juice they contain.

Other than these models, Hyde also produces rechargeable disposable vapes.

These are vapes that contain enough juice for between 1,500 puffs and 5,000 puffs, and since you can’t expect one charge to last long enough to allow you to finish the liquid in such a device, these vapes are rechargeable.

However, once the vape juice is used up, you can’t refill them, so once they’re empty, they’re also designed to be discarded and replaced.

Hyde Original vapes are available in five different menthol flavors: Arctic, Ice, Glacier, Polar and Black Ice.

However, the company now produces a wide range of disposable vapes, and many of these are available in many other interesting flavors such as Pineapple Ice, Apple Sour, Summer Luv, Tropical and many more.

Hyde also sells vapes that contain the same vape juice that is found in the iconic Elf Bar vapes, giving users even more choice.

Hyde vapes also typically contain 50mg/ml of nicotine, although nicotine-free versions are also available.

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Can you recharge Hyde vapes?

As we just mentioned, Hyde vapes can be divided into two categories – those that are designed to be recharged and those that aren’t.

For those that are designed to be recharged, the process could hardly be easier – charging one of these vapes is no more difficult than charging a smartphone or a tablet.

However, when it comes to those that aren’t supposed to be charged, it is possible, but it’s a tricky operation and not something that everyone will want to attempt.

So first let’s look at how to recharge the type of Hyde vape that’s supposed to be charged – and then we can think about the type that isn’t designed to be recharged.

How to recharge a rechargeable Hyde vape

Hyde vapes are designed to be very easy to charge, so once yours runs out of battery, it’s simple to recharge it, allowing you to continue vaping in no time.

The only complication is that most Hyde vapes use micro-USB rather than USB-C, so to charge one of these vapes, you’ll need to make sure you have a compatible charger.

If you don’t have a micro-USB charger, you can buy one from the Hyde website – this might be a pain if you only want to sample the company’s products, but if you’re a regular Hyde customer, it makes sense to invest in a charger you can use with Hyde products.

Alternatively, micro-USB cables are also available in electronics stores and many convenience stores as well as online, so you shouldn’t have any trouble tracking one down.

Once you have the correct charger, all you need to do is locate the charging port on your vape. This is usually found on the bottom of the vape, but it may also be located on the side.

After you’ve found it, simply plug the charger into the vape and connect the other end to a power source – this can be either a mains socket or something like a laptop USB port.

The device may then take up to an hour to fully charge. Most models have an LED light that changes to indicate that the device is fully charged – for example, the blue LED may dim when the device is fully charged, or a green light may show to give you the same information.

For details concerning the particular device you are using, check the instructions that come with it.

Are there any other similar vapes available as alternatives?

Hyde is not the only company that produces rechargeable disposable vapes, and many other brands and models are also worth checking out.

For example, The Katana BP 10000 from Spiritbar is an excellent option, combining style and elegance with convenience and ease of use.

This attractive vape takes its design inspiration from the iconic Japanese katana sword and provides users with up to 10,000 puffs per device, so you won’t need to replace it as often as devices containing fewer puffs.

It is also easy to charge using the now ubiquitous USB-C and can be ready to go in under 10 minutes, so you’ll never have to worry about being left without a vape to puff on.

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Non-rechargeable Hyde vapes – why would you want to charge one?

So now onto the kind of Hyde vapes that aren’t supposed to be recharged, and let’s start by thinking about why you’d want to charge one in the first place.

These vapes come with only a small amount of vape juice inside, and the charge in the battery is supposed to be enough for you to finish all the juice before the battery dies.

However, if you don’t use the vape often, it’s possible that the battery may die before you manage to finish all the juice, in which case, there’s no way of getting the juice out, meaning it will just go to waste.

In such a situation, some vapers might decide to try to pull the vape apart and charge it – just so they don’t lose that last bit of juice in their vape.

However, we would advise against trying this.

These vapes aren’t designed to be recharged, and to recharge one, you’ll need to pull it apart to get to the insides.

Then, once you’ve done that, the device doesn’t have any protection against things like overheating, fire, explosions or electric shocks, so by trying to recharge it, you’re putting yourself at risk of injury.

And even if you manage to recharge it, the rewards are likely to be minimal since you’ll probably only be able to get a few more puffs out of the dregs left in the bottom before the vape is used up completely.

Since disposable vapes like these are so cheap anyway, it’s far preferable to simply buy a new one – but for anyone who still wants to try, let’s have a look at how to do it now.

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How to charge a non-rechargeable Hyde vape

To recharge a non-rechargeable Hyde vape, you’ll need to start by pulling the end off to expose the battery, which you can do by using a pair of pliers or a knife. (The part you need to pull off is the opposite end to where the mouthpiece is.)

Once you’ve pulled the end off, you then need to pull the battery out a little so you can get to the connectors.

Next, take an old phone charger and cut the end off so you expose the black and the red wires.

With this, connect the black wire to the negative on the battery and the red to the positive.

After this, plug the charger into a power source and wait three or four minutes for the battery to charge. After this, simply put the vape back together and test it to see if it works.

Here’s a video showing you how it’s done. However, as we mentioned, this is not a safe procedure, and you attempt it at your own risk.


Alternatively, it may be possible to charge one using a wireless phone charger – check out this video for a demo.


Which Hyde vapes are the most popular?

Hyde makes several popular vape models, and the Edge, Rebel and IQ models are among the company’s best-sellers.

How much do Hyde vapes cost?

Most rechargeable Hyde vapes fall within the $15-20 price range, depending on where you buy them and how many units you buy – discounts may be available for buying in larger quantities.

Why is your Hyde vape blinking?

If your Hyde vape is blinking, this probably means the battery is empty or nearly empty – in which case, it’s time for you to plug it in and charge it up.

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Simple to do if the vape is supposed to be charged

As we’ve seen, charging a Hyde vape is extremely easy – as long as you have a vape that’s meant to be recharged. However, if you have a non-rechargeable vape, it’s difficult to do, may be dangerous and probably isn’t worth trying anyway.

As a result, we recommend only trying to recharge Hyde vapes that are meant to be recharged to avoid encountering any problems, hassle or danger.

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